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Mums and Celosias

Mums and Celosias are a fall time tradition at Garden Treasures. Celebrate the beautiful fall weather with colorful Mums and Celosias. Fall weather means fall time planting.


Available in dozens of varieties, mums bloom for weeks! Our Garden mums are tough perennials you can plant outdoors where they can live year round.

Mums grow best in full sun. Whether in a pot or your garden, their love for sun means they need plenty of water. Depending on the weather they may need daily watering. Choose a spot that gets at least six hours of sun a day.

After repotting your mums, give them a good soak. Water every other day or if the soil feels dry. Mums thrive in well-drained soil. Add compost or other organic material to your soil when you plant to give your mum the best shot at being a strong, healthy plant.


Celosias come in several different and unique styles, many of which we have available.

Celosia need a little bit of maintenance throughout the growing season. Celosias like rich, well-drained soil with moderate water. Overall, these are resilient plants with minimal upkeep needed in the long run.

These annual plants love at least eight hours of full sun expose a day. Celosia plants don’t like too much water and watering is dependent on the weather. If it rains at least one inch in a week, you don’t need to water them.

The taller varieties may have trouble supporting the weight of their blooms. In this case, stake the plants to provide much-needed support.

Come visit us and pick up a mum, celosia or both! We know it'll get your house ready for that Fall look.


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